Home Inspections for the Sarasota Area

Home inspectionsAre you buying a new home or needing the best possible quote on your insurance? Give Stoltzfus Home services a call!

Inspecting the physical condition of a house is an important part of the home-buying process and should be included in your purchase contract as a condition of closing the sale.Chip is a liscenced Home inspector in the state of Florida. He offers thorough home inspections and a detailed report, including colored photos.

Windstorm Insurance rates are reduced substancially with a Wind Mitigation Wind Inspection. A wind mitigation inspection verifies construction methods that create wind mitigation discounts based on those methods providing greater protection from wind hurricane damage. the savings is usually in the form of a check direct from your insurance company within 3-6 weeks.

Four main areas focused on in a 4 point inspection are;

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more) Insurance companies may have a concern about liabilities in an older home. For instance; a home with a roof that has not been recently replaced may fail while under the policy and the homeowner might seek reimbursement from their insurance company for damages to the home or its contents. Similar concerns extend to the condition of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems in an older home. If these elements are in poor condition, in need of being updated or replaced or were improperly installed, they may fail and cause fire or water damage to a home.

When purchasing a home the lender may require a lisensced roofer to inspect your roof.

A roof certification is a statement of opinion by a licensed roofer who deems the roof has a life expectancy of up to 3 years and should be FHA compliant.

A roof inspection is carried out to assess the rooftop's current condition and look for any deficiencies.

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